Wednesday 28 March 2012


The last week or so has seen rapid developments in Rosie's progress, but two very important milestones in particular have been reached. She is now able to sit up on her own for prolonged periods of time, we do still have to be on standby for sudden moments of instability however in the main she is managing periods of around 30 seconds or so unaided which is great. She did this for the first time properly on Saturday at  'Chatterbox' – a speech and language group ran by our local support group. I had been watching Harry play football so missed it but was later treated to my own display in the garden where Rosie also played on the grass for the first time. She was a little unsure at first but soon enjoyed exploring the textures and feeling of this new discovery!

Rosie had started to show signs of wanting to reach out for and grab/hold larger items a few weeks ago, but never really got beyond touching, pushing and holding the odd larger toy. However this last week, with a little encouragement, she now manages to pick up much smaller items for herself, sometimes (when she's in the mood) she likes to be a bit cheeky and drop whatever she's grabbed so we pick it up, these are all great signs of progressing hand eye coordination and open up a whole new world for our Bud. We can now work towards the next steps of helping her feed herself – it's a while off yet but given the fact she's reached these two milestones (sitting up and grabbing small items) within a week I think we should prepare for it to be sooner rather than later.

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