Tuesday 10 April 2012

Happy Clapper

Rosie has been a bit under the weather over the last two weeks, coughing a lot and struggling with a cold. It still tends to make us a bit anxious especially after the last two times (where we chose not to worry) ended up with long stints in hospital. I'm quite sure that anxiety will fade – its not like we panic as such but more a worry that sits in the back of the mind. I'm happy to say that she's alot better again and recovered just in time for our much needed Easter break with the London branch of the family (including a day trip to Essex visiting friends).

It's been a bit hectic since the last time I posted on here for one reason or another and the same can be said for Rosie as she seems to be achieving new things almost everyday. I'd say the most significant one to report is that she's now starting the early signs of clapping, the best kind for a parent really, where she has the correct motions with no sound!

Rosie also demonstrated a real show of improved grabbing strength this week when playing with her cousin Olivia who is two months younger. As you'll see in the video below Olivia picks up a crinkly square thingy which is also a favourite toy of Rosie's, her face lights up when she see's it and she swoops in and clings on for dear life before hiding it!

MY crinkly toy thing...no MINE from SwissBaldItalic on Vimeo.


  1. Such a gorgeous post and love the little video...so cute when her cousin Olivia starts to touch/tickle her toes...Lovely blog and looking forward to keeping up with your posts...she's a little cutie :-)

  2. The expression on Rosie's face when struggling to obtain the 'Crinkly Toy!'......Priceless!

  3. That is a super video of Rosie. So cute that she is so keen on that toy and is determined to keep hold of it! All th photos are adorable too. Glad she is feeling a bit better, was sorry to hear she wasn't well at the start of the holidays!

  4. What a great bit of video, fantastic. Can't wait to see you all very soon....