Tuesday 20 March 2012

Blown Away

Wow, where to start with this post? After the worries and concerns raised by last weeks TV viewing, I can safely say my faith in humanity has been fully restored!

A parent, inspired by Rosie, had initially approached staff at Harry & Joe's school to enquire about the possibility of fundraising for the Down's Syndrome Association. Two teachers then chatted with both Harry and Joe about this and they both jumped at the chance to get fully involved.

To kick things off, Harry, with the help of two classmates (and accompanied on stage by Joe) stood in front of their whole school – 250 children no less, and gave a talk about Down's syndrome. All this was kept as a surprise from Karen and I, so my knowledge of actual events is as told by Harry! They had apparently spent most of their break times indoors researching the topic and building a PowerPoint slideshow.

As Joe is that bit younger it was Harry and his classmate that did the actual talking, not only were we filled with immense pride at the thought of him wanting to do this but the fact he carried it out at all. In his early years of school we were often told he may lack a bit of confidence. I think this shows a tremendous credit to him and also to the school in which he has clearly flourished and feels comfortable and happy.

After the talk came the organising of a cake sale, one of Harry's friends had written a letter which went home with all the children (except ours!) explaining the reasons for the sale. He tells me his whole class wanted to be involved in the organisation and all forfeited their own playtime to help sell as many cakes as possible. The effort shown by all the staff, parents and children has been truly remarkable and the sale raised a huge £200 (£175 more than I had guessed when Harry asked me). To say I was blown away would be an understatement. Another tear jerking moment in the Bachofner house!

I can honestly say this is (so far) the pinnacle in a long list of moments that have made me so proud of both my sons, without their knowing they have shown a true love and displayed a genuine act of pride in their baby sister.

Aside from the fundraising, an even more important, somewhat priceless thing came out of this and that is the awareness that has been raised amongst the children and parents about Down's syndrome – another step towards making the future bright for Rosie and many others.

Thank you so so much to everyone involved with Wilmslow Grange Primary School we really cannot thank you enough.


  1. love the pic of Rosie with her big brother..gorgeous

  2. Loving the blog Tom xxx the picture above of Rosie and one of her big brothers is gorgeous xx
    Did u ever see that post on facebook from the big sister of a lad with down syndrome it was so lovely and inspiring.... will try to post link below....
    best wishes to u all
    Amanda (friend of Shivs)


  3. What a wonderful thing for your boys to have done!
    As a teacher, it is always amazing when a child who 'lacked confidence' stands up and talks to a number of others (be that a group or class)about something they believe in... For Harry and Joe, and their friend, to have done that in front of the whole school is absolutely amazing! Well done boys!
    Paula x

  4. Aw just found your blog through Facebook, I had tears in my eyes reading this post! Your boys are such a credit to you and Karen! A massive well done to them. A lot of people could do with taking some advice from them! My little brother has Down's Syndrome, so reading at your blog is so heart-warming :)

    Rosie is adorable!