Friday 4 January 2013

Highs, Challenges and Hopes

This post forms part of a Blog Link and aims to answer three questions asked by Hayley at Downs Side Up...I said I'd have a crack at answering them so here goes... (Please bear in mind my answers will be relative to my life with Rosie and as a new blogger. Lets face it I'm sure you're not that interested in who I hope will win the Premiership this season or that I fulfilled a dream to finally see the Stone Roses play live!).

1) What was the high point of 2012 for you?

This is a very tough question! There have been SO many highs this year that to pinpoint one seems unfair to all the others. For starters every single new achievement of Rosie's has been so exciting we've celebrated them all with such immense pride.

Finally plucking up the courage to write my feelings down and start The Futures Rosie back in February has been a major positive too, without which I probably wouldn't have the contact I do now with a whole world of wonderful and inspirational people.

There's also the amazing moment we were told that Rosie's brothers (unbeknown to us) had stood up in front of the whole School and presented a talk about Down's syndrome. Read more here: Blown Away

Then there was the incredible moment my Mum (65), Sister and I, hand-in-hand crossed the finish line as team 'Running for Rosie' at the Manchester 10k. A huge final total of £4113.61 was raised for The Down's Syndrome Association and RMHC Alder Hey. Read more here: Running for Rosie 10k

As Christmas 2011 was spent in hospital with Rosie I think it would only be fair to say the ultimate high point for 2012 came when we finally spent our first Christmas altogether as a family at home (words simply cannot describe this feeling).

2) When was the most challenging thing, the part that tested you to your limit?

The year has been pretty kind to us on the whole so nothing has tested me to the limit as such. The third and longest stint in hospital for Rosie back in April became tough as it felt like a disruption too far for the boys, but complaining about hospital stays doesn't seem appropriate especially when there are people in far worse situations than we've ever been.

I did however find a very negative comment written about one of my positive awareness campaign posters particularly hard to deal with. I've had one or two comments from trolls before on pictures of Rosie that have been quite nasty but managed to rise above them. The comment on the poster however came from a parent of an older child with DS and deemed the poster 'dangerous' and 'unhelpful'. I don't want to dwell on it though as I did eventually overcome what was written after advise and reasoning by several close friends.

3) What 3 hopes do you hold dear for 2013?

1. That Rosie's recent run of good health remains.
2. That the groundbreaking positive awareness achieved in 2012 by everyone doesn't go to waste and can continue into 2013 with the same momentum.
3. If by continuing to write about my life with Rosie into 2013 can offer any form of support, comfort or hope to even just one new parent of a baby with DS then I'll be happy.

Wishing you all a very Happy 2013!


  1. I became the proud granny to our little grandaughter last year, our grandaughter was born with Down's Syndrome, this has opened up a whole new world to me and I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog.
    We have learned so much since our grandaughter's birth and she has brought a lot of joy into all our family's life.
    Keep on writing about your beautiful little girl and thank you for sharing your experiences

    1. Thanks for your lovely comment, I feel inspired when I receive such positivity. Love and best wishes to your grand daughter.x

  2. What a wonderful post from all at Rosie Towers. I have been honoured to make your acquaintance this year and hopt to meet you all in 2013. Keep up the good work. What an amazing family you are x

    1. A meet up this year would be great :) I would like to thank you also for being one of those friends that helped me to overcome 'that comment'. Your support/knowledge and sharing of Natty's story gives us all much hope for the future. X

  3. Hello! I am a new parent of a little girl with DS...she was born september 5, 2012. I have stumble across your blog by pure chance and can say I am glad I did. You and your family are inspirational to me and we are enjoying our journey with our little angel and look foward to what our future holds! Although our story is a bit different as we did not know about the ds until she was born, she also had to have surgery for hirschsprungs disease so I can relate to many of your posts!!! Thank you for sharing so openely about your families journey with DS. Launa from Massachusetts, USA