Sunday 20 May 2012

Running for Rosie 10k

Just a quick post, as I wanted to share some photo's from today.

WOW! What an amazing time we've all had, team 'Running for Rosie' joined some 40,000 runners in the biggest ever Manchester 10K today. Those months of training put in by my wonderful Mum and Sister finally came to fruition – they'd hoped to achieve a time of 1hr 10 minutes... well they totally smashed it with an official time of 1hr 4 mins 15secs! A quite remarkable achievement, we even hear that Mum (65) finished 70th out of all women and men in her age group – not bad at all for a first time runner!

The support we received from the crowd all the way from start to finish was just brilliant and I'm still smiling thinking about it. I had a great 'Tom-ism' moment too when the first few times people shouted, 'go on Thomas' I was thinking, who are they and how do they know my name? It's only there in big letters on the race number – I hadn't even realised!

We would all like to give a special thank you to everyone who has helped support our cause through encouragement and of course generous donations to the Running for Rosie fundraising page, at the time of writing this, we, or rather you all, have raised a huge £2323.86 (excluding gift aid) which is fantastic. The page will stay open for a month or two before we split the money between the two charities. Thanks to you all for your continued support in helping raise positive awareness for Down's syndrome. I'll leave the post now with a few shots from the day!

Mum not quite getting the hang of the idea!

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