Monday 2 July 2012

Stone Rosies

I've titled this post, 'Stone Rosies' for no other reason than being a huge fan of the Stone Roses and on Friday I fulfilled a lifelong dream to see them play live – I simply couldn't resist the chance to shoehorn in a reference somehow! ...Is that a tumbleweed I see?

Anyway back to the blog...

Saturday finally saw the curtain come down on this years Running for Rosie 10K fundraiser challenge and I'm overwhelmed to announce that we (you all) raised the incredible sum of £4113.61 – to be split evenly between the Down's Syndrome Association and RMHC Alder Hey. It's such a huge amount that will make a genuine difference to peoples lives. I can't thank you all enough, not just those that donated financially but also to those that helped raise its profile simply by talking about it to friends/family and sharing it about via social networking etc.

It's funny really to think that all them months ago before our Budlington was even born, I had genuine feelings of anxiety raised by an email (written with all good intention) which suggested in some cases having a baby with DS may result in some friends suddenly not visiting anymore. The generosity and heartfelt words of support shown throughout Running for Rosie has well and truely put that fear to bed. I think the generosity (visualised by the amount raised) proves just how much Rosie has already touched peoples lives in a positive way – this really offers me so much comfort when I catch myself thinking about what her future may hold.

The Bud's been working hard on her exercises recently and managed a full three minutes in the crawling position the other day before the strength in her arms gave way. A week ago she was only managing maybe 30 seconds (at the most) so the extra help and encouragement is definitely paying off. We're under no illusion, we know it will be a while yet before she is crawling, but she's certainly heading in the right direction.

We did discover this weekend that she doesn't appear to like chocolate, although the picture below doesn't suggest this as she's full of smiles! She was happier to have the chocolate all over her face than in her mouth – This is almost beyond me, I just can't fathom how any child of mine could possibly not like chocolate!


  1. It's the opposite.....your friends love your family even more now you've got Rosie Posie. She's so gorgeous, I absolutely adore her and so do my girls. I was rewarded with a massive beam when I held her during the school play this morning

  2. Chocolate smile brightened my day! Though agree on not understanding how anyone can dislike it.