Sunday 8 July 2012

The Rainmaker

I must apologise on behalf of the Bud for all the rain we've been seeing of late. It may have something to do with her recent enjoyment of a rainmaker toy! She has learned to pick it up using both hands and the new found strength in her arms allows her to shake it around a bit too. Every time she hears the little plastic balls rattle down the tube she looks as amazed and surprised as the first time she heard them. 

It's great to see Rosie's hard work and efforts from the shoulder strengthening exercises benefit her in other areas that are of more interest for her – being able to lift heavier objects is taking her play experiences to the next level as she can now interact more with her toys.

Whilst our Budlington is quite slow developing her muscle strength, when I watch her play there is a real determination in those eyes and I just love seeing her achieve new things. I'm confident her persistence and resolve will eventually see her overcome the slower muscle development and achieve personal goals quicker and quicker as she grows.

Rosie's general shouting noises are transforming each day into more of a babbling sound which I'm guessing is a positive sign towards trying to say actual words. She still says, "Dada" a lot but if I'm being honest I'm not 100% convinced it means Daddy just yet.

I've also been keen recently to try and capture how well Rosie's heart surgery scar has healed so I can add a positive 'post surgery' image to the 'Rosie's Surgery' section. Whilst I didn't quite get the picture I wanted for that page, my efforts didn't go without reward, as I've gained some great shots of Rosie's funny faces and smiles to add to the ever growing collection of cute photos!


  1. I love the 3rd to last photo!

  2. What a cutie. My Finlay has a big smile like that!