Wednesday 20 June 2012

Fixed Heart and Funny Faces

I've found myself completely distracted from writing on here due to the Euro's, so tonight there's no footy on I thought I'd take the opportunity to write a quick update!

The most significant (recent) event in the world of Rosie was her visit to Manchester Children's Hospital on Friday for her six month cardiology check-up. 

Visits to the Children's Hospital have always been a cause of anxiety for me since the whole journey of Rosie's Heart surgery began here. Initially pre-birth scans concluded she had a hole, then once she was born we were here again to discover the hole was in fact significantly bigger and there was also a problem with the valve. In short, early days visiting here often resulted in leaving with bad news. Friday's appointment felt completely different though – I'd even go as far to say I actually looked forward to it a little as I knew (from the last visit) the surgery had been successful and her steady physical progress since then backed up my confidence even more. 

We were told six months ago that (post-surgery) there was still some 'residual' valve leakage although this was quite common and of no major concern. This time however, we were informed there was no trace of any leak and in fact her repair has been a total success!

One day I hope I'll be able to write down just how thankful I am to everyone who helped make this possible – from the consultant raising the initial concerns, the surgeons and the nurses to those carrying out extensive research – all these wonderful, inspiring professionals have given my beautiful Rosie a genuine chance at life that she otherwise wouldn't have had, and for that I am eternally grateful.

In other news... Rosie's recent homework from the physio has clearly taken it's toll as she's been falling asleep in some very random positions / places! She's certainly my girl, as the ability to sleep anywhere is also a speciality of mine!

Rosie's also been working hard on some new comical faces of late, this weeks efforts have mainly focussed on 'looking shocked'.

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