Wednesday 6 June 2012

Back to work

After all the fun and excitement from the Christening it's back to some hard work for Rosie.

We were told by the Speech & Language Therapist that socially Rosie is developing really really well – of course we kind of knew this from the way she interacts and how she engages peoples attention, however to hear it from a health professional is also very encouraging.

Her physical development, whilst not mentioned as anything of concern, is an area where she does need more encouragement – A recent visit from the physiotherapist gave us plenty to do in order to bring Rosie onto the next level. I'm usually at work for these appointments so am given the full run down from Karen after.

The main focusses at present are; exercises to help strengthen her legs (so she can support her weight), assuming the crawling position (to help shoulder development) and sitting on a footstool (to enable her to sit with a proper seated posture).

In the main, life with our Budlington is very straight forward and completely normal (aside from her health blips which we hope we've seen the back of), it's only when we have appointments and are given advice on excercises to help her reach quite basic stages that I'm reminded things are a little bit different with Rosie. I don't say that becuase I'm worried or bothered by it, it is more a reflection on how completely normal I feel and how easy it is to forget about her learning difficulties – of course I don't totally forget but its encouraging for me personally to know, after many pre-concieved ideas, that first and foremost, I see Rosie as my Bud, my daddies girl, my beautiful, clever and inspirational daughter... oh and I almost forgot, yeah she also has this thing called Down's syndrome.

Some of the pictures below show Rosie working hard on her new exercises whilst having fun too!

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  1. Crikey! Looking at your post brought memories of the same flooding back! My daughter who also has DS is 9 now! I really pushed her physically and am thankful it paid off!! She's still much slower than her peers but has a can do, will do attitude!!