Sunday 11 January 2015

Strolling into a new year...

This is a very quick post to share the amazing achievement of Rosie over the festive holidays. It's been a wonderful break for Rosie and family – so much has happened and I have no idea where to begin. The time we had together was great including a week away in Brecon, Wales where we spent Christmas with Karen's family – 17 adults and kids in one great big house! I've chosen to take the easy option and keep the goings on over the holidays to ourselves. However one bit of news I HAD to share is that Rosie is now up on her feet and walking about with the aid of 'C3PO' her awful looking but brilliant walking frame.

We've really struggled to get Rosie to use this and eventually we decided she just wasn't going to go for that option. The physio suggested taking 'C3PO' to the nursery where there is more space and seeing if the encouragement of her one-to-one Lorraine and staff might make her think again about using it. Well sure enough a couple of days before she finished for the holidays Rosie used the frame and managed to walk about in the outside play area! I had seen a short video and couldn't believe my eyes but the moment didn't really hit home with me until I saw her use it in front of me.

We decided to take 'C3PO' with us to Brecon as the house had big corridors with wooden floors allowing plenty of space to explore. I've included a short video below where you can see Rosie walking with the frame. I was seriously beginning to doubt whether she would get to her feet and co-ordinate the feet and hands to balance, then suddenly out of nowhere she's up and off!

It's a fantastic start to the New Year and who knows we could have her walking by next Christmas! I certainly won't have so many doubts about her achieving that goal now.

Strolling from The Future's Rosie on Vimeo.


  1. great video, so good to see Rosie moving around like this and tackling the problems on her way. Go Rosie xx

    1. Thank you for commenting Carol. We're so proud of her. Yes she seems to problem solve quite well too in this clip :) x

  2. Great progress! Well done Rosie!

  3. Very impressive 3 point turns. Love the use of the hands too. I can see new mobility concerns in mum and dad's future. "Where did she go now?"

  4. I am head over heels with your little princess. Thank you for sharing her story!

  5. hi there, I just wanted to say your little girl is absolutely gorgeous. Rosie is beautiful, smart and cheeky and never fails to brighten up my day, or bring a tear to my eye- in a good way! I'm sure you know you are very, very blessed. As an older sister of a brother with tourettes and Aspergers syndrome combined (!) although they are completely different conditions to downs, or Up syndrome :-) of course, my mum, my brother and me have found ourselves facing similar kinds of prejudices/ignorance from people throughout his life...especially through school, he was bullied horribly, and me too occasionally, by association. So I just have so much empathy with you guys and feelings of solidarity! We overcame together- he is 'older generation' kind of, I'm 30, he's 28,... and times have changed a bit now thankfully, prejudice wise but he is fantastic, so lovable, and we wouldn't change him one bit. its so wonderful to see all children loved and celebrated for exactly who they are and were meant to be.I can see With all the love Rosie has around her she will be able to achieve whatever she wants in life regardless of any so called disability. God Bless x