Sunday 26 July 2015

Remember me?!

Some of you may (or may not) have noticed that it's been a fairly epic break since I last wrote a post on here... I decided to take a little break to spend more quality (less distracted) time with my family. To be honest I had also lost my drive and enthusiasm for it a little, becoming exhausted trying to juggle a full-time job, family and a blog (and all that comes along with that). I figured a break from the blog was the best option – there was also the small matter of my beautiful wife turning 40 so lots of time has been spent preparing and celebrating that big occasion!

It's not to say I've been neglecting everything altogether as I've been involved in a couple of public talks and have also proudly accepted an invitation from the UK's leading Learning Disability Charity, 'Mencap' to become a 'Family Ambassador' for their incredible charity. This also came with the huge honour of being invited back to address a further 200 odd new high achieving Mencap staff at their annual 'Top Talent' day in Birmingham. I had the some-what nerve wracking task of taking to the stage after the London 2012 Paralympic Gold Medalist swimmer and fellow Mencap Ambassador, Jessica-Jane Applegate MBE. It's not everyday that happens and it's a moment I'll forever cherish.

The trouble with a pro-longed break from the blog is that I've found it affecting my confidence to write and be so open again, which is why the break has lasted longer than anticipated. Karen and the kids were away this week and I'd thought what a perfect time to try and write a post...instead I found myself channel hopping through mind-numbing TV and doing anything and everything but writing.

I've finally plucked up the courage so you'll just have to bear with me whilst I find my stride again!

Rosie has come on so much I don't even know where to begin. We've seen her walk unaided more and more, she's already on her third pair of glasses, not to mention the hundreds of little 'Rosie moments', ranging from the adorable to the hilarious! Perhaps I'll just pick up from the now rather than trying to cover everything missed in between.

**Tenuous link to blog title alert** Part of the many celebrations for Bud's Mummy's 40th involved a BBQ party at our house with close family and friends. We don't see our Southern relatives for weeks, sometimes months at a time and on this particular occasion it had been over two months since Rosie had seen her Uncles, Aunts and Cousins. I was so thrilled and a little surprised to hear her name them all when asking if she knew who they were. This shows a real improvement in her memory and confidence and its brilliant to see her progressing so positively in these areas.

Last week whilst Karen was out with friends I took the kids to my favourite local National Trust property 'Lyme Park' where they currently have a 'hunt the Gruffalo' theme in the vast gardens to the house. We had loads of fun on the way round and especially enjoyed the bare foot sensory trail. It was great to see Rosie approach the different surfaces below her feet with caution and then to see how she dealt with each surface – some she loved and some she flat refused to walk on! Rosie especially enjoyed the Rose garden and the video below shows her happily chatting away to the flowers and I'm convinced she introduces them to 'Daddy' at the end when she realises I'm stood there!

Finally, Rosie has now finished her first year at Nursery and continues to thrive in the environment. After a lot of thought and deliberation, as well as meeting with teachers and other professionals involved in Rosie's education, we have decided to defer her school entry in order to give her one more year in the Nursery. We all feel this will be the best solution to help give Rosie the best possible start at School in 2016.

Rosie-Rose-Garden from The Future's Rosie on Vimeo.


  1. Great to hear from you again!
    Great to have you back writing !I've written a few replies over the months/years. We live in NZ and have 2 boys,6 and 4. George our youngest has DS. Rosie and George have actually been quite similar in their walking progress etc so its been interesting reading updates. Just wanted to ask..if Rosie is deferred until 2016 how old will she be Tom. We are wondering about George . In NZ they go to school at 5. If we defer a year he'll be 6. Would be great to hear from you...

    1. Hi there! Thanks very much for taking the time to comment. Rosie will be 5 and a half when she starts school in Sept 2016. We figured that extra year would give her the best chance for starting school. I hope everything works out well for you with George. Thanks once again for your kind words :)

  2. It's lovely to see Rosie again and hear these stories. I think for a number (if not most) children starting school so early (post 4) is too early. They can learn in a better way in a more informal way when they are so young. Many countries in Europe don't start the until gone 6 and they do fine. I love how she introduced you to the roses ( her namesake!)

  3. Gosh isn't your wife stunning and of course Rosie too, that picture of her in her little school uniform is adorable. So glad to hear you have decided to defer entry and do what you feel suits your daughter. Mich x