Wednesday 5 November 2014

Sorry seems to be the hardest word...

So after a few days without my family I sit here babysitting my Godson Marley and his sister whilst his Mum and Dad go out for a well earned meal – it feels a bit like a busman’s holiday to be honest! They are nicely tucked up in bed and so I thought what better time to try and pen down this much overdue update on our little Budlington. Every now and then things get a bit ‘on top’ and recently has been no exception. Being in full-time employment with a family of three young kids at home and fitting all The Future’s Rosie stuff in to boot does take its toll sometimes so I decided to cut myself some slack and lay low for a little while.

Anyway enough about me!

Rosie has remained busy despite her Daddy being lazy! She’s really enjoying Nursery now and as the new term looms we’ll be upping her mornings from three to four a week. It hasn’t taken her long at all to get to the stage where Karen and I can drop her off and leave almost immediately. There are no tears and very little apprehension (if any at all) and she is quite happy to give us a kiss, wave and say “bye-bye!”

For all that positive however, something that is becoming more and more evident is Rosie seems to have a rather big stubborn streak – I’ll refrain from saying where I think she gets it from though or my life won’t be worth living!

The first signs came a couple of months back. We have been consistently trying to emphasise the word and sign for 'sorry' when she’s been naughty or hurt one of us with her hyper-speed face grabbing move (which is still yet to pass unfortunately). At first we thought she may not really understand but as time moves on and her speech is developing through Nursery etc we realise she is just plain refusing. Just last week Rosie had a swipe at Karen and scratched her neck. Karen instantly and assertively signed and said, “No!” then asked Rosie to say sorry again using Makaton and speech but Rosie just sat there all doe eyed and in silence. So, Karen decided to change tact and ask her to repeat some familiar words to see if she really does understand. Here is an outline of that conversation – I’m sure you’ll concur after reading, that our little sweet 'butter wouldn’t melt' Budlington is indeed just a stubborn wee thing!

Mummy: Rosie say Teddy
Rosie: Teddy!

Mummy: Rosie say Ball
Rosie: Ball!

Mummy: Rosie say Mummy
Rosie: Mummy!

Mummy: Rosie say eyes
Rosie: Eyes!

Mummy: Rosie say sorry
Rosie: Eyes!

As I'm sure you can appreciate, keeping a straight and stern face at times like these is extremely difficult!

Anyway.... In other more entertaining news our little Bud has been enjoying the latest series of 'Celebrity Come Strictly Ice Dancing' or whatever it’s called on BBC 1! Below is a video of her dancing the routines with her dolly. I was particularly taken with how she seems to observe the moves on the telly then re-create them with her doll, including a well earned round of applause at the end.

Celebrity Dolly Dancing from The Future's Rosie on Vimeo.

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