Wednesday 2 April 2014

Every little step...

Well I'm happy to say we've survived March again – without doubt THE most chaotic month of the year in our house. Thankfully all birthdays passed off without too much trouble other than the obvious dent in the the monthly budget – Down's Syndrome Awareness Week also kept us very busy and proved another huge success!

Unfortunately we've been less successful in encouraging Rosie to bond with 'C3PO' (her new walking aid). There's possible blame on our part due to having such little time to persevere, although the whole thing feels a bit too cumbersome for her to manage at the moment which isn't making it any easier. However...

....Rosie seems to have taken a whole new lease of life without C3PO! Whilst out on a family walk to one of our favourite places, Quarry Bank Mill, I took Rosie out of her pushchair, held both her hands and we walked together – it wasn't very fast and we took as much time as needed but she went further than she's ever gone before. Previously she'd been going maybe three or four steps before plonking herself back on her bottom!

The more we walk with her now the more co-ordinated she's getting with her legs, which is giving her more confidence. Her feet are also beginning to point more in the direction of five minutes to one, rather than a quarter to three! She's a long way off supporting herself but another breakthrough came yesterday when she walked across the living room floor with Karen holding just one hand! Will she be walking soon? I'm not so sure but watch this space... it's certainly looking more promising!

As many of you will know (and already be tired of hearing no-doubt) The Future's Rosie has been shortlisted in two categories for the 2014 MAD Blog Awards – 'Blog of the year' and 'Best Writer'. Thank you so much for those of you that nominated and for everyone who show's their continued support it means a great deal to me. Blog of the year is a judged category but Best Writer is up for public vote, which is where I need your help (again!)...

I find canvassing for votes very difficult as I worry it gives the impression I'm trying to pat myself on the back which couldn't be further from the truth. To win would be a marvellous honour, yes, BUT more importantly would help the blog reach a wider audience.

Last year it was fortunate enough to win 'Best New Blog' which in turn raised the profile and gave me opportunities to share the word via articles on BBC News and National Press. The blog now reaches more people as a result and I believe that an increasing amount of new parents have stumbled upon it whilst searching online – some finding it a help in the early, delicate days of trying to 'come to terms'  with a diagnosis of Down's syndrome with their child.

If you would like to vote for 'The Future's Rosie' as 'Best Writer' you can do so by clicking the link below, anyone can vote so if you wanted to ask your friends too I won't be offended ;)


  1. She is so lovely and gorgeous and doing so well! Well done Rosie! xx

  2. Aunty Ruth shared the holding hands walking picture with us today so lots of celebrations in our staff room. Please bring Rosie to visit us!

  3. Jacqueline Cosgrove2 April 2014 at 16:46

    My daughter Martha went through a long 'pre walking' stage. She had her little zimmer frame and walked with someone holding her hands. The day before her sister Bethany was born we were at the hospital for blood tests. Martha saw her pediatrician on the corridor, she jumped down from her seat and didn't walk - she ran over to him. I can still picture her 23 years later in her little red dungarees! Before you know it Rosie will be walking and running!

  4. C3PO may just not be the right thing for Rosie. You wouldn't blame her so why blame yourselves? That doesn't do any of you any good. But what you are doing is a fabulous job helping her to walk - those pink boots adorable! Walks with mum and dad in the country awesome! And keep selling that blog because there are so many others out there who will benefit from Rosie's story.

  5. What an exciting development! She is going at her own pace. I agree that a walk with Mum and Dad outdoors is far more exciting than C3PO!!
    This is the beginning of the end for keeping your home tidy, she will be into everything!

  6. Rosie, you are doing so brilliantly, and maybe the Upsee with be for you rather than C3PO, or maybe you have your own plans. So proud of you all, and congrats on the MADS nomination Tom. H x

  7. Rosie, well done!

    She is a cutie pie x