Sunday 21 July 2013

Terribl(y cute) twos!

Well summer has well and truly arrived and with all this hot weather drying everything up my blog has been no exception! I'm happy to report its nothing other than being a lover of the summer sun. I've been spending every minute I can outdoors trying to maximise time with the kids, which in turn has left little time to write (priorities and all that!)

Rosie is now fully recovered from her op and is certainly making this clear whilst developing a new diva side to her cheeky character.

We've become accustomed to putting common age related 'milestones' aside and have got used to seeing Rosie for who she is, happily achieving things in her own time... With this and her cheeky happy nature in mind we'd completely overlooked the possibility of a 'terrible two's' phase!

One thing we've never experienced (until now) with Bud are those dreaded bedtime battles. Up until this last couple of weeks we've been the envy of our friends with similar aged children as bedtimes with Rosie would consist of milk, a short story, take her up to bed, lay her down with a kiss goodnight and bingo...she'd be asleep within minutes! This happened practically every night without fail regardless of where we were staying too – this girl is a total breeze we thought...

It's a very different story now however. If she's not going all rigid and screaming as soon as she's within sight of her bedroom she's clinging onto us for dear life (whilst laughing) as we try and lower her into her bed. Either way as soon as she is lay on her mattress all hell breaks loose as she screams and cries for our attention. It wouldn't be so bad to leave her for a few minutes but her brothers are right next door and are kept awake as a result – they are like us and don't like to hear her cries, so can often be found in her room trying to comfort her. The moment we step back into her bedroom she stops, sometimes giggles but more commonly starts happily babbling away to us. On one particular night we decided to let her cry for a little while in the hope she'd get tired and just drop off – but no, this girl has willpower! So I went into her room, put on her favourite Tom Petty tunes, lay on the floor next to her cot and held her hand. She lay there totally still looking straight into my eyes with a sleepy, happy, contented smile that quite literally melted my heart. It was such a sweet and special moment I felt helpless to cut it short, so we lay there for about half an hour gazing at each other until she eventually dropped off. As with most things I like to try and find a positive from a negative situation and this is a definite bonus to her new terrible twos phase!

I've included a few recent photos taken at a sensory play centre whilst at Rosie's friend, Lottie's birthday party and a couple of shots playing throw and catch – something she's been developing whilst enjoying garden time.


  1. Oh dear...Sorry to hear that things have changed! I love the description of your special time with her. I bet it was magical! Jackson will fall asleep in his Daddy's arms faster than you can blink, but not in mine! He will sit and babble and try and get down...He is a Daddy's boy for sure!

    I am glad to hear that the Op went well and she is back to her old, now NEW!

    I hope the days get better soon! I love the picture of her trying to eat her foot! Wish I could do that!

    Much love from Utah!

    1. Hi Rosalie. Lovely to hear from you again! Much love to Jackson and you all. x

  2. Hi, I found your blog today by the facebook site DS association. What a lovely daughter you have. My daughter with DS was born 1991 so she is 22 years old in a few days. She´s looking forward to celebration.
    She had a heartsurgery when she was 3,5 year old, at the University Hospital in Lund in Sweden for her ASD = atrium septum defekt and malformed heart valves.The surgery went well.
    Just keep up the good work for Rosie and I wish you a pleasent summer with sun and bath.
    (Please excuse my english)
    Best Regards
    Anette from Sweden (the city Jönköping)

  3. Hi Anette, thank you so much for your message. It offers a great deal of comfort to know that others have had the heart surgery and are thriving so many years after. Please don't apologise for your English, it is far better than my Swedish :) Thanks again for you message. xx

  4. Loving the shades Rosie, and Oh, secretly glad we aren't the only ones who struggle at bedtime Tom ;)
    Lovely post and fab pics.
    H x

  5. I remember me and Darren taking turns in lying next to Ella's cot doing exactly the same thing many a night! Such special memories, and although sometimes it was a drag (particularly if I had lots of work to do) I always kept in mind that it would not last forever, and to cherish the closeness it bought us. Paula xx

  6. I love this blog and your daughter is absolutely amazing...My son is 4month old and has DS and since the first day I laid eyes on him I feel in love. The most cherished and amazing moment is when he gazes into my eyes and just stares at me and smiles. My heart and soul is his. I love his so much I thanks God for this precious gift. Looking forward toward what the future has in store for me and my Lil Joseph...

  7. Your daughter is just too adorable. Yeah, they all know how to manipulate and yes they have stamina and most of the times they wear us out. Kids do not have any difference when it comes to things like this. My daughter who is four and does not have down syndrome, she is the same way.

    Enjoy it.