Monday 11 March 2013

Bionic Boy

Today I'm taking the unusual step of writing a short post that is not about my darling girl but about a very special family and their baby boy who sadly passed away a little over three weeks ago, aged just 13 months.

I've been unsure how best to approach this – knowing I could write a books worth of words about this family and their Son yet I feel it really isn't my place to. What I am sure about is that I wanted to write something, such is the impact and influence they have had on me since we became friends. Although many of you will know them I've decided to keep it anonymous.

I've shed many tears in the last three weeks not only for our friends loss but also for everything that their little boy endured in his short but valuable life. No matter how big or how many hurdles he faced in the early months he would always find the strength to give his Mummy and Daddy a reassuring smile and after breezing through such a major operation early in his life he became fondly known by us all as the 'Bionic Boy'. He was, and absolutely still is such a special boy who touched and continues to inspire the many people who knew him.

My life is full of memories, some great and some less so – there are however only a handful of experiences that are so poignant I know they'll stay etched in the forefront of my mind forever. I had one of these last Tuesday at the beautiful funeral 'service of celebration' of our friends little boy.

Never in my life have I witnessed such a display of strength and courage as I did when I saw his Mummy and Daddy stand next to him at the front of the large gathering of family and friends to say a few words. Daddy stood first, composed himself and made a truly moving speech before Mummy got up and read him his bed time story. They both did themselves, but above all their Son so proud and words simply can't do justice to the overwhelming sense of awe and respect I have for them.

Their constant ability to find an inner strength, to conduct themselves in such a selfless manner and remain so positive at times when the rest of us were screaming mercy for them has been utterly remarkable.

I hope it's of some comfort to our friends to know that their Bionic Boy will live on, not just in their hearts but in the hearts of all those that had the priveledge to know him, from immediate family right through to online communities.

This little light will certainly shine on and continue to guide me forever.


Thank you to our dear friends for their kind permission to share this post.


  1. Thinking of you all and the little boy's lovely family. xxxx

  2. Such beautiful words, thank you Tom x

  3. I couldn't agree more, they were so brave last week and I love them loads x

  4. I couldn't agree more they are amazingly strong parents I am in awe of them xx

  5. Such amazing parents, friends, family. I am crying at the bed time story, so poignant yet so beautiful. Thank you Tom for writing what we all feel, and doing it anonymously, where we all feared to tread.

  6. That poor family, so tragic and how strong they sound.

  7. Andrew Porter & Family14 March 2013 at 06:03

    My daughter pointed me towards your blog - Thank you, truly heartfelt & beautifully expressed.

  8. so very sad, it could of been our little boy, it really is so sad to read how other people have to cope with what life throws and them, my deepest condolences to you