Tuesday 4 December 2012


Saturday morning delivered the most perfect start to the weekend for me – considering I was about to spend the majority of it decorating!

I was sat playing with the kids on the living room floor, both my sons vying for my attention telling me different things at the same time, when amidst the chaos the Buds little voice says, "Daddy" and reaches out to touch my face. She immediately won the battle for my attention and gave me a little knowing smile – my heart did a little summersault.

Rosie has been saying "Dadda" and "Daddad" for a few weeks now but never has she said "Daddy" with that all important 'eeee' sound on the end. I was so excited I shared the news to TFR Facebook page. I tried every trick I could think of to try and get her to repeat it (which of course she didn't) and as the weekend progressed without even a 'Dadda' I began to feel cheated and a bit of a fraud! Especially in light of all the lovely comments I'd received earlier in the day too. Sunday evening came and I had to face up to the fact it may well have been a fluke after all...

I came home from work last night (Monday) hoping my absence all day might have triggered an excited shout of "Daddy" – no such luck! However I was told by an enthused Karen and Harry that Rosie had been giving them kisses!

Obviously she doesn't go short of kisses herself and we've been trying to encourage her by saying kiss kiss and exaggerating the action, however she hasn't (to our knowledge) ever reciprocated until now. Karen duely demonstrated by asking her for kisses and Rosie leaned in to gently touch Mummy's face with her lips.

I couldn't wait to receive my first Budlington kiss so I quickly picked her up, sat her on my lap, asked for 'kisses' then closed my eyes in anticipation of her soft little baby lips pressing against mine... What I actually received was a slap followed by a couple of sharp grabs to my face! I made a sad face and for the first time pretended to cry by rubbing my eyes, she put her head on my chest for a hug then quickly looked up at me with her bottom lip quivering (at which point I felt truly awful for pretending to cry) then she gave me the longest cuddle.

After a minute or so she raised her head, looked up at me with those big brown eyes and said, "Daddy" then leaned in and gave me that kiss.


  1. That is so lovely :) I love your blog, Rosie so similar to Eva :) Eva gives kisses and blows kisses and will occasionally cheekily lick you and giggle! Our gorgeous girls are so special and make the world a better place!xx

    1. They certainly are Laura! Thank you for your comment :)

  2. Awwww - I have lots of warm fuzzies now after reading this - precious. Our little man has just started giving kisses too, it is my favourite thing :)

    1. Thank you! Hope you little man is well and keep those kisses flowing, Rosie seems very picky about when she wants to dish hers out!

  3. That's so lovely x its made my day x

  4. A book in the making Tom.....Very talented writer, made easier of course by that beautiful daughter of yours, whom Eileen and I have had the pleasure to meet (on several occasions in Tesco with mummy and nana).
    It really is a joy, reading about Rosie and the family, your ups, and downs of course, but the love that generates from your words is inspiring. I find myself waiting with baited breath for the next episode. Of course I would never own up to the tears......I'm a man for goodness sake.....
    You are everything a father hopes to be, but with every good intention, very rarely achieves.
    Few places are guaranteed in Heaven Tom. I don't doubt for a second yours is already reserved.
    Well done to you and your wonderful family. An honour and a privilege to know you all.
    Mike, Eileen & gang

  5. I love reading your blogs :) Its the best thing when I get home from a hard day at school with stressed teachers and students and studying for exams and I find you have updated.

    Rosie sounds like an adorable little girl and you are very lucky to have her. Good luck for the future as it sure does look Rosie :)

  6. O.M.G. this is amazing guys, and so soon after 'mamma'. Rosie is one clever sausage xxx