Wednesday 14 November 2012


It gives me great pleasure and pride to announce that...

...we all survived our first full weekend without 'Mummy'!

Most of it was a complete blur to be honest, but as far as I'm aware, there were no major dramas to report – considering my usually forgetful and disorganised self this is nothing short of a miracle.

Rosie was as good as gold allowing me two good nights sleep with no wake ups – unless I just slept through them? Either way she was full of smiles in the morning so I assumed all was well. The boys were great too and really pulled their weight keeping the Bud entertained whilst I was busy rushing around not really achieving anything, making huge mountains out of jobs Karen completes everyday with me barely even noticing!

We finished off a hectic but fun weekend watching the boys marching proudly in the village Remembrance Day parade, allowing me the time to stop for a moment and reflect.

The Bud (but mostly me) really missed Karen and her return was rewarded by Rosie's first attempt at saying, 'Mamma'. Okay, so she wasn't neccesarily saying Mamma but we've been trying to encourage the 'mm' and 'umm' sounds for a while now, with little or no response. She's now achieved this which is fantastic – a real big step in her vocal development. I'm sure it won't be long before it becomes a definite pronunciation of 'Mummy'.

We've also discovered Rosie now has a favourite book called This Little Teddy, it's one of those 'touchy feely' ones with different textures and materials. She is particularly drawn towards 'Miranda the Giant Panda' and when the page is turned to reveal 'Miranda' she kicks her little dumpling legs with excitement and loves to stroke the ears!

Progress on the crawling front has slowed down and she seems uninterested again, we try to encourage her but she is becoming quite stubborn in her refusal. If she doesn't want to do something she makes no secret of the fact. We tried her again in the crawling position last night and she immediately lay flat on the floor and rolled over finishing without her trademark smile – which is the real telling sign that she's not happy about it! There are also times when we'll give her a toy or teddy to hold and if she doesn't want it she will take it and throw it behind her. The one thing we can guarantee she wont ever toss aside is my phone blasting out Tom Petty, so we're trying to encourage the crawling again using this as bait!

I had hoped she may have been crawling a little by Christmas (she still might) but as with everything it will be done in her own time and on her terms!


  1. Way to go! Congrats! See Daddy's really can do it! I bet you guys had tons of fun! That is cool about the textures book! I think it's fun when kids start to develop certain things they like! Silly Rosie, crawling will get you places faster...keep up the good work. You are right, she will do many things on her own schedule and on her own time...It's the patience that is hard! Much love from Utah!

  2. Hi Rosalie! I love receiving your comments, thanks for taking the time to do so, they never fail to make me smile. Sending much love from the UK back to you all in Utah!

  3. Rosie is absolutely gorgeous! I can just imagine the look she gives you when she doesn't want to do something!
    I worked with a wonderful little girl with DS before I got my current job and I miss her like crazy.
    Wish there was a way to volunteer to work with DS kids, amazing and inspiring people whom everyone should have the joy to know.
    Keep at the crawling Rosie, you'll get there in your own time.
    Much love from London xxxx

  4. Good on you for surviving a mamma free weekend! We went away for the weekend without the kids to celebrate the 1 year anniversary of my , nearly 18 year old, niece Taegan's 3rd heart operation , it was a brilliant celebration and it was "all about her" as she kept reminding us ! My sister, Taegan's mum, and I just love your blog, you write beautifully about your gorgeous daughter and family
    Love from us here in Australia

  5. Well done Dad! I came across your blog via Twitter a few days ago and have finally had the chance to sit down and read :) What a joy your Rosie (and your other children :) are! I grew up with my cousin (now 14) who has DS. My parents were his guardians for a couple of years (long story but thankfully with a happy ending :) I love how you have captured Rosie, not just a child with DS, but for celebrating all that is you love about her...can't wait to read more and share this with the mummahood :)

    Love from Maddy (also in Australia)