Tuesday 4 September 2012

Pride, super cuteness, laughter and cringe

No sooner am I writing to say there has been little to mention about Rosie's progress when she does so many new things in one week I don't know where to start!

The Bud has provided us with moments of pride, super cuteness, laughter and even cringe! I'm guessing Rosie won't be short of confidence when she's older if her antics at a recent family meal out are anything to go by. We sat and enjoyed our meals chatting to each other whilst Rosie babbled to her hands, however as the restaurant became busier Rosie increased the volume in her voice too but always that one notch higher than everyone else, by the end she had us in stitches shouting out at the top of her voice, making herself heard to anyone who would listen, which happened to be most of the restaurant – through no choice of their own. I've never (knowingly) been one to draw attention to myself so when most of the room were looking over, the moment of cringe swooped in (well, for me at least!)

Rosie's playtime favourite this week has been Row Row Row the Boat. It's one we've done with her for a while now but just this week she's started to put her arms out in a bid for more 'goes' on the boat, her face is a picture when we get to the crocodile moment as she anticipates the scream.

Rosie has finally cut her first tooth too. It's been promising to show its face for months and now it's finally made an appearance she won't let me look at it long enough to get a picture, you'll just have to take my word for it. I'm hoping the others will follow suit and grow through quicker now so she can begin learning to chew on foods but it still looks to be a while off.

There has also been an advancement on the cuddle mentioned in the previous post. We outstretch our arms and say 'cuddles' and she throws her head into your chest sometimes with arms around you too, sometimes it's just the head – either way it's absolutely adorable.

A rare event happened to us this weekend where our family temporarily dwindled back down to three. My sister took Harry and Joe away to her caravan which gave Karen and I Friday evening through to Sunday lunchtime with just Rosie to look after. We took this opportunity to travel and visit our dear friends Ric and Claire near Birmingham who are expecting their first baby in November. It was not only great to see them and catch up but also for Rosie to meet her future friend (albeit in bump form). I've included a video of this moment below which was captured by the bumps Daddy Ric, it's just wonderful – of course I would say that as it stars my beautiful baby girl, but I'd even go as far as to say it captures some of her cutest ever moments. Just shortly before we left again on Sunday morning Claire said, ''Rosie hasn't cried at all this weekend, are all babies this easy and chilled out?" It was lovely to hear that and I cast my mind back to when we first found out about Rosie having DS and my fears of how she might behave. I assumed she would cry all the time – I have no idea why I thought this but I did, another idiotic moment of ignorance I guess.

I should also mention quickly that The Futures Rosie is finally on Facebook, you can visit by clicking here and if you want the updates to appear in your newsfeed just click the main 'Like' button.

I'm signing off this post with a fitting lyric I heard this week from Elbow's Buffalo Ghosts:

"A Journey makes me taller, A journey brings me you".


  1. That was so lovely to read, such a proud Daddy , you write it with love and adoration, and lovely to hear Rosie caused a stir in the restaurant.
    I will look forward to your next blog and Rosie news x
    Denise Best

  2. What a wonderfully happy little girl you have. You should be very proud indeed.